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FTC Receives Petition for Approval of Proposed Divestitures from SCI and Alderwoods Group

On December 20, the Commission received a petition from Service Corporation International (SCI) and Alderwoods Group, Inc. seeking approval to divest: 1) Conroe Memorial Park, Conroe, Texas; 2) Harper-Talasek Funeral Home, Killeen, Texas; 3) Palmer Mortuary, Sequin, Texas; 4) Trevino Funeral Home, Brownsville, Texas; 5) Darling-Mouser Funeral Home, Brownsville, Texas; 6) Elmwood Funeral Home, Abilene, Texas; 7) Elmwood Memorial Park, Abilene, Texas; 8) Sunset Memorial Home, Odessa, Texas; 9) Resthaven Gardens of Memory cemetery, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; 10) Resthaven Gardens of Memory funeral home, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; 11) Welsh Funeral Home, Gonzalez, Louisiana; 12) James F. Webb Funeral Home, Meridian, Mississippi; and 13) James F. Webb Funeral Home, Newton, Mississippi to Legacy Holdings.
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Robert W. Doyle, Jr.

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